Safety First!

The routes are bolted with 10 mm expansion bolts. Unlike as in the sea areas in Thailand, in Laos the expansion bolts offer a high standard of security. Each anchor has two bolts that are linked with a sling. In one of the bolts is a fixed screw gate carabiner or malion for belaying/repelling. Some climbers haven´t seen before the anchor system that we use in Thakhek and are wondering if the sling that connects the 2 anchor bolts is sufficient. Of course it is, otherwise we wouldn´t use this system. To satisfy even the biggest doubters we tested the shockload on the sling in case a bolt fails with a massive tree. Watch the video.

In general: Please be aware that the medical care in Laos is not like western standards!

There is no ambulance that picks you up in case of an accident.


Attention Please!

• Always do a partner check!

• For fixing please always use the hanger or the bolts and not the sling!!!

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Attention Please!

• It can always happen that rock breaks. The belayer must pay attention to falling rocks and do not stand directly under the climber.

• It is recommended to wear a helmet!

• Always tie a knot at the end of your rope!

• When the first bolt is too far away for you, feel free to use a clipstick!

• Always check your shoes before you put them on if animals are inside!

This movie demonstrates that our anchor system is safe as long as the climber behaves correctly