Climbing Routes, Frequency & Index

The climbing routes are 12m to 40m long in a range from 4 to 8c (french scale). Further on there are some unsent projects. The limestone has a very good quality and offers awesome sport climbing in varied styles: slab, vertical or overhanging; plain walls or with stalactites and tufas. So far we have 4 multi pitches, and there will be more in the future.

Gear requirements are: 15 quickdraws and a 80m rope.
(for nearly all of the routes you just need a 60m rope).

Rock climbing in Laos

Rock climbing - a "must-do" in Southeast Asia! Unbelievable that rock climbing in Laos started as recently as in 2002. But Laos opened principal the borders for tourism in 1987. It took another 15 years that the first climbers got the permit to bolt routes. Year by year new routes have been bolted, mainly by Germans, French, Polish and Americans. Significantly involved was Green Discovery Laos who helped to get permissions and bring forward the climbing.

The countless Karst mountains all over Lao are inviting you to brilliant climbing on wonderful limestone with extraordinary structures and formations. Until now there are more than 500 routes in Laos, most of them in Thakhek and Vang Vieng.

Rock climbing in Thakhek

Volker and Isabelle Schöffl from Germany discovered the walls near to Thakhek. With the help of Green Discovery Laos they got the permit to open a climbing area. In January 2010 Volker lead a group of 17 people who bolted the first 50 routes (sectors Hilton, Elephant, Roof Left and Roof Right, Honeymoon, Schöffl Block and Methan). After the climbers magazine "Klettern" reported about the bolting in Thakhek, the area fast became well-known. Many climbers came the first year - just like Uli and Tanja Weidner.

Very spontaneously they decided to move to Thakhek and establish a climbers resort. In collaboration with Green Discovery Laos the project started in October 2011. From February 2011 until today Uli and Tanja have opened new sectors. There is endless potential for further route development within and around the area of the Green Climbers Home, so there will be many more routes in the future.

As the word of mouth was spreading quickly in the climbers community and more and more people wanted to come to the little paradise, the Green Climbers Home extended in 2015 with a second resort, which has been built and is run by Fia Weis and Flo Klempp.

And: Not only do we have tufas, we now also have bouldering!

We just started to open up boulder problems around the resort Green Climbers Home. So far (May 2018) there are 59 boulders in a range from FB 4c (V1) to FB 7b (V8) and some unfinished projects.

Keep on smiling