Tanja Weidner

Born: at 07th of Sept. 1973 in Brühl /Germany
Grew up: in a burb of Brühl
Profession: gymnastic teacher + business administrator, in between Gastronome
Climbing carrier: has started to climb in an age of 34 years
Likes: rock climbing, modern dance, reading, travelling, chocolate


Uli Weidner

Born: at 19th of Nov. 1973 in Bonn
Grew up: in Brühl
Profession: joiner
Climbing carrier: has started to climb in an age of 16 years, in between a break of 5 years …
Likes: rock climbing, cooking, reading, travelling, Asia, good food, bolting in climbing routes, snowboarding





Anna-Sofia Weis

Anna-Sofia Weis (Fia) from Augsburg, Germany, born 1987, has studied Business Administration and worked diligently as a project manager. After a long bicycle tour and climbing through Asia she rather stays in nature than going back to the office. Being outdoors is her passion.


Florian Klempp

Florian Klempp (Flo) from Tübingen, southwest of Germany, born 1986. Studied at the German Sport University in Cologne, is not too bad at sports in general and likes everything related to climbing. After one year working in the climbing gym and several trainer jobs, now he gets excited about the new tasks, true to the motto "life is different when living it rather than analyzing it afterwards”. Looking forward to a lot of time outdoors. To old and new friends.




Staff & Volunteers

We get a lot of help from our Lao staff and some western volunteering workers! Without them we could not run the Resort. Many thanks to all of them, who help to keep Green Climbers Home run and make it a special & relaxing place for you!  🙂