Environmental Protection

12 km remote from the nearest town and 1 km from the small village next to the Green Climbers Home is immersed in nature, surrounded by Karst mountains with their saw tooth silhouettes. Behind the huts a small river leads through the wonderful cave, Xiangliab '. For us it is a new experience to live surrounded by nature and it´s a major challenge to preserve the beauty and cleanness of the place.

We can massively influence this by our own behavior. We will try with all our power to protect animals, plants, air and water.

In practice, we and our guests can and should do the following:


Reduce waste

• When shopping take your own bag but let not give you a bag

• Prefer large packs

• Reuse water bottles as often as possible. We at Green Climbers Home offer refilling of bottles with clean drinking water at very low price

• Provisions for the day we pack in reusable plastic boxes.

• Offering returnable bottles. We forgo the canned drinks, but rather sell large bottles that we can return to the beverage shop.

• Paper: Use both sides

• Ever use all resources as much until they are only trash


Separate waste

Waste can be separated into 6 different categories and thus disposed of cleaner:
  • 1. Food waste (raw or cooked): some leftovers to take our employees with and feed them to the pigs
  • 2. Compost (everything organic, what the pigs leave over): is thrown at a particular location in a heap. By the time the garbage rotts by itself.
  • 3. plastic, metal and cardboard: (plastic bottles, tubes, cans, packaging ...) we make at a Vietnamese in Thakhek. Sometimes you get even a kilo a few Kip.
  • 4. bottles: returnable bottles we give back to the dealer. With disposable bottles still a difficult issue, there is no re-use and thus end up the disposable bottles in the garbage
  • 5. Batteries: are not yet disposed of separately in Laos. To avoid that this land in the Mekong, we collect batteries separately, who knows, maybe there is sometime a disposal station.
  • 6. egg boxes: we can return to the market.
  • 7. residual waste: (eg packaging, paper bags, cardboard, disposable bottles) will be driven by us to dump.


  • The Green Climbers Home is supplied with groundwater. Groundwater we receive from the 30m deep well, drilled specially for us. With a pump, the water is in a huge plastic tank, standing on a 5m-high tower, pumped. The water thus has sufficient own pressure in order to provide showers, sinks and toilets all bungalows, the dorms, the employee lodge and restaurant.
  • For wastewater, we have our own system. Behind every hut large concrete tanks are sunk into the ground, which are filled with sand and gravel. In the tanks, we filtered waste water in several steps before it can then seep into the groundwater.



  • The large water tank during the day warmed by the sun, thereby contributing ever had a part to heat the water in. However, this is not enough for a warm shower. The rest must do the water heater.
  • The camp is supplied with power. An equipment with photovoltaic is unfortunately too expensive. We are eagerly waiting for an affordable way to use renewable energy in us.


Use local resources

To avoid long transport routes have been careful in compiling our menu that regional ingredients as possible are used. Only on a few imported items, such as milk, cheese, ham, cereal, we do not want to do without.


Green Climbers Home is a joint venture established in 2011 by two German climbers and the Laotian enterprise Green Discovery, which is strongly engaged in climbing and other adventurous outdoor activities. The name Green Climbers Home, derived thereof , is meant to be programmatic not only with regard to environmental aspects of any kind but also in view of the social responsibility against the Laotian people and the country as such.


This charming country with its rich and spectacular exotic landscapes, its wonderful people and its old but vivid cultural traditions offers to us a unique chance to live our dream and passion and at the same time to make climbing our profession. This evoked the obligation that we should pay back something to the country in gratitude for this great opportunity. Hence, it is our strong intention to let participate the local people in the Green Climbers Home project in one way or the other. Above all, this involves jobs at the premises of the camp as well as purchasing locally produced fresh food and other items. Further on we think of arranging volunteer positions in cooperation with schools. We promise to stay aware of the possibilities we do have in this respect and to look out constantly for ways and means to realize them.

Accordingly, our employees will be paid their salary throughout the year, disregarding the fact that Green Climbers Home is closed during the rain period. Further more, the local staff, including their families, will benefit from personalized health insurance.

Other possibilities, beyond those mentioned above, will arise sooner or later, thus expanding and intensifying or social engagement – depending of course on the economical success of Green Climbers Home. For certain, we will avoid enforcing measures upon the native people which contradict their own convictions, just because we, the foreigners, think that our ideas would benefit them. Let good things grow slowly – and we really intend to spend a long, long time here.

In this sense khawp jai lai lai Laos!