Green Climbers Home 2 is going to open up in November 2015!!!

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— 02/Aug/2015 —

So we started with the idea of a small and relaxed climbers home:

We didn’t advertise and we’re not in the lonely planet, we didn’t use online portals to shout about new routes and only shared a few special photos once in a while on Facebook.

Green Climbers Home no. 1 was never intended to grow any bigger, but climbers just kept on coming!!

We are overrun by orders, the restaurant is too crowded, the beds are all taken, reservation waiting lists expanding and toilet tanks overflowing. The only space we have is on the rock as new routes are going up all the time.

So we’re pleased to announce

Green Climbers Home 2, only a few pitches from Green Climbers Home I, is going to open up in November 2015!!!

With its own restaurant, accommodation and campsite, and brand new facilities.

Same concept, same menu, same name, just as homely and welcoming as our first resort.

Further details regarding GCH 2 including accommodation see the link below:

Now we would like to introduce you to the new management for camp no. 2, if you haven’t already met them:

  • Anna-Sofia Weis (Fia) from Munich/Germany, 27 years old, has studied Business Administration and worked diligently as a project manager. After a long bicycle tour and back packing through Asia she´d rather staysin nature than to go back in the office. Outdoor sports is her passion.

  • Florian Klempp (Flo) from Tübingen, southwest of Germany, 28 years old. Studied at the German Sport University in Cologne, is not too bad at sports in general and likes everything related to climbing. After one year working in the climbing gym and several trainer jobs, now he gets excited about the new tasks, true to the motto „life is different when living it rather than analyzing it afterwards”. Looking forward to a lot of time outdoors. To old and new friends.

So go ahead with planning your next vacation in Laos, the four of us are looking forward to your visit!

For those of you who want to book ahead already, you can send us an email at

Until then, take care,

Uli, Tanja, Fia & Flo